Why You Should Collect Once-Fired Brass For Sculpture

Brass casings are commonly used in firearms, both military and recreational. After firing, these casings can be recycled or discarded. However, if you’re a fan of sculpture art, you may want to consider collecting once-fired brass casings instead. In this blog post, we’ll explore why collecting brass casings is a great idea and what types of sculpture art you can create using them.

Why Collect Once-Fired Brass Casings?

There are several reasons why collecting once-fired brass casings is a good idea. First and foremost, it’s an environmentally friendly way to recycle materials that would otherwise be discarded. By collecting these casings and turning them into art, you’re giving them new life and purpose. You can collect brass casings you find at shooting ranges and other areas, or you can order once-fired brass casings from a company for consistently high-quality deliveries. 

Secondly, brass casings have a unique aesthetic appeal that makes them perfect for creating sculpture art. Their golden hue adds warmth and character to any artwork created with them. Additionally, their cylindrical shape allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creative expression. Some brass casings have numbers and imagery on them, which only add to the textured and visual allure of this type of art medium.

Collecting Military vs Recreational Brass Casings

When it comes to collecting brass casings for art purposes, there are two main categories to consider: military and recreational. Military brass casings are typically more durable due to the high-pressure rounds they hold compared to recreational ones. They also tend to have more distinctive markings on the bottom of the casing indicating manufacturer information or lot numbers which can add an extra element of visual interest in your sculpture. They are also more of a rarity and artistic treat to come across, so if originality is your goal, then military once-fired brass casings may be the way to go.

Recreational brass is usually easier to find at shooting ranges or gun stores since they’re widely available as empty shells after use by hobbyist shooters or hunters who use smaller caliber firearms like handguns or rifles. While more common and less detailed than their military counterparts, recreational brass casings may also be more readily available and cost-effective. If you have a large brass casing art project in mind, recreational brass is a wiser choice. 

What Type of Sculpture Art Can You Create?

The possibilities for creating sculpture art using once-fired brass casings are endless! One popular trend is making jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings using the casings as beads. Another option is creating figurines, statues, and other decorative pieces by stacking and welding multiple brass casings together.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can incorporate other materials such as wood or stone to create mixed media pieces. This is often referred to as collage art and can be a great way to use many recyclable items into one life-size piece. 

Storing and Handling Brass Casings

Brass casings should be stored in a clean and dry area away from debris and moisture. Handle brass casings with gloves or a cloth to avoid putting fingerprints on the items. 

Collecting once-fired brass casings is a fantastic way to recycle materials while also creating unique and visually stunning sculpture art. Whether you’re interested in making jewelry or larger-scale pieces, the possibilities are endless with this versatile material. By collecting these discarded casings and turning them into something beautiful, you’re not only helping the environment but also showcasing your creativity and artistic talent. So start collecting those brass casings today and let your imagination run wild! Start your collection of once-fired brass with Precision Brass today.