9mm Once Fired Brass

Three 9mm once fired brass pistol casings
[caption id="attachment_11822" align="alignnone" width="300"] 9mm once fired brass[/caption]


  • Once fired 9mm brass
  • 9mm mixed head-stamps
  • Commercial 9mm brass, with a possibility of crimped primers
  • Order Polished or Polished
  • Free Shipping – Nationwide!
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9mm Nickel Once Fired Brass

9mm Nickel Ammo Casings


  • Once Fired 9mm Nickel Brass
  • All brass 9mm Nickel Coating
  • 9mm Nickel is excellent reloading brass!
  • **There is a possibility of some crimped primers in our brass. This is Normal and not a big deal. A de-crimping tool may be needed**
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Upcycling Once Fired Brass Casings: Reloading Brass Ideas

In the world of reloading, the quest for unique materials and creative project ideas never ceases. One such intriguing material that offers versatility along with a touch of the unusual is polished brass bullet casings. This might sound surprising at first, but these metallic remnants can be transformed into stunning functional objects for reloading purposes.…

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Once Fired. Top Quality Brass! 100% Customer Satisfacition SHOP NOW Always Free Shipping!USPS Priority Mailed SHOP NOW Mixed Head Stamp. Commercial & Military with Crimped Primers SHOP NOW Hand Sorted Polished &Unpolished Brass SHOP NOW Once Fired Brass Welcome to Precision Brass! We supply an impressive collection of Once Fired Brass Casings for sale, always…

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