• .223 / 5.56 mixed head-stamps from military & law enforcement ranges
  • Commercial and military head-stamps with crimped primers. Mostly – LC / WCC / FC & Winchester
  • FREE SHIPPING – Nationwide
  • High quality! Once Fired


This is Once Fired Brass military/ Police – Brass. Our 5.56mm /.223 brass comes with crimped primers.

Once fired 5.56/.223 Brass for sale & In Stock! Precisionbrass.net has a generous supply of once fired brass for sale in bulk.

Since 2009, we have been building trust and relationships with thousands of customers nationwide. We pride ourselves with high level customer service and sell a variety of brass casings in multiple calibers. Our once fired brass comes either polished or unpolished in various quantities.

We also sell Nickel .223 brass for reloading. Nickel coated brass is excellent because it is resistant to corrosion and has excellent ramp feeding attributes, making reliability even better.

How do we know our 5.56/.223 brass is once fired? Simple. We source our brass from specific law enforcement ranges and indoor ranges where quality control is very stringent. Precision Brass has the finest polishing methods in the business and our customers love it.

This is once fired 5.56/.223 brass from law enforcement ranges. Free Shipping!


Nickel .223 brass for sale

Once fired Nickel .223 brass for sale

5.56mm Brass Ammo Casings

5.56mm Brass Ammo Casings @precisionbrass.net

.223 brass casings for sale

.223 / 5.56mm Brass Ammo Casings

5.56 /.223 can be ordered polished or unpolished. This is excellent reloading brass! 5.56/.223 is one of our most popular calibers and we almost always have a generous supply on hand.  All of our rifle & pistol brass is Once Fired and is superior brass for reloading. Free Shipping Nationwide! We usually ship same or next day after ordering.  Since 2009 we have been providing superior Once Fired Brass! Ready to ship

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Polished, Unpolished


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