Once Fired Brass
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once fired brass

Once Fired Brass

Once Fired Brass

Most serious reloaders’ desire once fired brass. If you were lucky, you did an internet search for once fired brass and found a reputable website; like www.precisionbrass.net that advertises once fired brass that is truly once fired. How do you know it is once fired? Well, it all has to do with the source. We know where our brass comes from. We know who shoots it, and we know with a very high probability, that it hasn’t been previously reloaded.
Precision Brass has a steady supply of brass to keep you going on brass supply of once fired brass. If you were less fortunate; you picked up brass from public shooting range, digging through the mud and scrounged up some brass fired from an unknown source.
Commercial brass is great for 95% of most people who reload. Most shooters who shoot common calibers like .380, .38 special, 9mm, ..40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223/ 5.56 mm and .308/ 7.62X51mm are guys training, hunting, doing target practice or spending time with friends and family out on the range.
A lot of newer people coming into the reloading world don’t have a good appreciation for once fired brass, the real quality and consistency you get with it and the piece of mind know it has only been fired once.
In this article, we’ll go through some procedures for preparing military and commercial once fired brass for reloading. We will cover selecting brass and tumbling it, which are the first steps.
I hope this guide shows a practical, low-cost approach to selecting quality reloadable pieces of once fired brass that will soon be your ammunition.
Choosing to reload once fired brass will save you money! Because the price of new commercial brass or new isn’t getting any lower! Let’s get started!
I use a tumbler/vibratory cleaner much in my normal reloading procedures. When brass is fired, it can become very dirty and it’s got to be cleaned before it gets de-primed or goes into the sizing die. This is because all the grit on it will score the dies if left alone, and scratch the brass in a bad way. I polish all my once fired brass in a tumbler for a couple of hours. The brass doesn’t have to look like a mirror. It just has to be cleaned and have a shine, so it can be run through your reloading machine. Don’t stress if your brass doesn’t look brand new. It will be ok.
Once the once fired brass is polished,look at the base.Is the rim in good condition?or is it deformed by the extractor? Is the neck of the brass damaged or cracked? Are there deep gouges in the brass? If so, Set aside any with deformed brass pieces, they just aren’t worth the trouble All of these defects, and more, occur in military and commercial brass – although rarely on the first firing. Still, it pays to be alert when the brass didn’t begin its life in your rifle or pistol.
Now that you have a bucket of brass; it’s time to process your once fired brass in your selected reloading set up!


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