Once Fired Brass
PSALMS 144:1
once fired brass

Once Fired Brass

Once Fired Brass

Precision Brass.net is your one stop shop for once fired brass. We are fully stocked and sell once fired brass nation wide! Always free shipping


Reloading Brass-

Reasons for Once Fired Brass

Economy, increased accuracy, performance, commercial ammunition shortages, and hobby interests are all common motivations for Once Fired Brass. Reloading fired cartridge cases can save the shooter money, or provides the shooter with more, and higher quality, ammunition within a given budget.

www.precisionbrass.net sells once fired brass that is truly once fired. We know where our brass comes from and we know who shoots it. Currently we have .380 once fired brass     , 9mm once fired brass,      .38 special once fired brass      .40 S&W once fired brass,      .45 ACP once fired Brass,      .223/5.56 mm once fired brass,      .308 once fired brass,      7.62X51 mm once fired brass and we know with a very high probability, that it hasn’t been previously reloaded; thus making it truly once fired brass

Precision Brass has a steady supply of brass casings for sale to keep stocked up on once fired brass supply of once fired brass. If you were less fortunate; you picked up once fired brass from public shooting range, digging through the gravel and scrounged up some brass fired from an unknown source.

Commercial reloading brass is great for 95% of most people who reload. Most shooters who shoot common calibers like .380, .38 special, 9mm,   .38 special   .40 S&W.45 ACP.223/ 5.56 mm and .308/ 7.62X51mm are guys training, hunting, doing target practice or spending time with friends and family out on the range. We sell reloading brass in bulk.


Precisionbrass.net sells military and commercial once fired brass for reloading.

We sell only quality reloadable brass casings of once fired brass that will soon be your ammunition.


Choosing to reload once fired brass will save you money but not sacrifice QUALITY Because the price of new commercial brass or new isn’t getting any lower!


www.precisionbrass.net  uses a tumbler/vibratory cleaner much in my normal reloading procedures.  When brass is fired, it can become very dirty and it’s got to be cleaned. Precisionbrass.net sells polished once fired brass check out our website!


Now that you have a selected our once fired brass; it’s time to reload your once fired brass in your selected reloading set up!  We usually ship same or next day and we strive to keep you satisfied! Look no farther than www.precisionbrass.net for all your once fired brass needs


Items in stock:


.380 brass once fired brass

9mm brass once fired brass

.223 brass once fired brass

5.56mm brass    once fired brass

7.62x51mm brass once fired brass

.38 special brass once fired brass

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Since 2009 we have been your #1 source for reloading brass! Currently we offer mixed head-stamps on .223/5.56. Superior brass for reloading!! All of our rifle brass is boxer primed with crimped primers. Mixed head-stamps on pistol brass.

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