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once fired brass

Nickel Plated Brass vs Yellow Brass

Nickel Plated Brass vs Yellow Brass

PrecisionBrass.net currently has a generous stock of Nickel plated .223 brass. Nickel typically doesn’t tarnish like yellow brass and if you’re going to carry loaded ammo somewhere exposed, or if you will be loading/unloading your carry ammo into a magazine multiple times, then nickel plated brass casings for your ammo may be exactly what you need. Law enforcement uses nickel brass for “duty” or “carry” rounds and it may be something you are interested in doing as well! Nickel plated cases looks bright and shiny, and that means you really only need to tumble to the point of it being clean, rather than to get a specific polish for appearance.

223 nickel

Precision brass.net offers nickel .223/5.56mm nickel brass polished and unpolished Nickel is typically slightly “slicker” than yellow brass and can be beneficial for any feeding ramp issues you may encounter. This can be a benefit in a semi-auto platform. Nickel is resistance to corrosion and nickel plated cases can be good for reloaded ammunition cases that you plan to put on the shelf for an extended period of time, rather than shooting them right away. Nickel plated cases can crack/fail more quickly than yellow brass cases, and that the nickel plating can flake off in the sizing die and can scratch your other cases. We recommend applying a Lubricant to your cases which will lower the likelihood of flakes in your dies.

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  1. Awesome brass for reloading! Excellent product! Once fired nickel brass

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