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PSALMS 144:1
once fired brass

Why Handloading Your Ammo Is An Advantage

Why Handloading Your Ammo Is An Advantage

Financially you will save a lot of money! More important however is you can customize your ammo. Made specifically for your firearm to the specs that you need means better accuracy. When you purchase ammo from the factory it is typically made to fit a variety of different guns. One size fits all is just not going to cut it for the Precision that you need.  Customizing your own ammo allows you to get the best performance out of your bullets .

Handloads will typically be more accurate with brass that’s been fired at least once in the exact rifle you intend to load for. This is because once fired, the brass is expanded to the exact contour of the chamber in your rifle.The easiest step in handloading precision rifle ammunition is carefully measuring your rifle’s chamber/lead dimensions and then optimizing your bullet seating depth when seating bullets. With special tools you can calculate a bullet seating depth that will minimize the distance the bullet travels forward before engaging the rifling in the barrel.



We take Reloading Brass very seriously because we know you want the best possible chance of accuracy.


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About Precision Brass

Since 2009 we have been your #1 source for reloading brass! Currently we offer mixed head-stamps on .223/5.56. Superior brass for reloading!! All of our rifle brass is boxer primed with crimped primers. Mixed head-stamps on pistol brass.

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