Once Fired Brass
PSALMS 144:1
once fired brass

.308 once fired brass

.308 once fired brass

Precisionbrass.net  has 7.62×51 NATO / .308 Winchester brass in Stock!
The differences between the two casings are very small, but they are not exactly the same casing.
The   7.62x51mm cartridge was designed to be a NATO standard battle cartridge, with a slightly thicker brass casing and less chamber pressure; around 50,000 psi.


308 polished2

In contrast, the commercial   .308 Winchester has a slightly lesser  brass thickness specifications, and the SAAMI established maximum chamber pressure is approximately 60,000 psi. It is generally safe to use   .308 and 7.62×51 mm cartridges interchangeably. If using  .308 ammo in a rifle chambered for the   7.62×51 NATO round, the shooter should pay close attention to the overall condition of the rifle, as the  .308 commercial round is loaded to higher maximum pressures.
The  7.62×51 cartridge was developed as the NATO standard small-arms and is a preferred casing to reloader’s nation wide.

Precisionbrass.net has most all of your standard casing sizes!


Get your  brass here!  www.precisionbrass.net

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